Chen and Wok Express Phoenix AZ


Gourmet Oriental - Chinese Food Restaurant


Albertson's Shopping Center

8115 N. 19th Avenue #A102
Phoenix, AZ


Phone: (602) 943-4535 Fax:  (602) 943-4532


Served on Steamed Rice, Fried Rice, or Lo Mein

Choose from daily Chef's Choice items.

1 Item      4.75


2 Item      6.45


3 Item      7.45


Teriyaki Chicken


Orange Chicken


Assorted Vegetables


Beef Broccoli


Kung Pao Chicken


Curry Chicken


Scechuan Chicken  
Sauteed Spicy Beef  
Sweet & Sour Pork  
Mushroom Chicken  
Sweet & Sour Chicken

*Any A La Carte not on Table for $1 extra

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